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"Planning ahead is the best plan of all." -Anon

California's laws regarding Medi-Cal eligibility are constantly changing. In the wake of the Deficit Reduction Act of 1995, which completely changed the Medi-Cal environment, it is important to find a lawyer who understands how such changes can affect your current Estate Plan, as well as how to plan for the future. Amy Gostanian is an experienced estate planning attorney who understands the dynamic Medi-Cal qualification and recovery process. She works diligently with social workers and forensic accountants to help clients avoid the common pitfalls that often lead to disqualification from Medi-Cal. More importantly, she helps to limit a potential recovery by Medi-Cal upon death.

Planning for Medi-Cal Eligibility - A Proactive Process

Medi-Cal qualification is very important, and the issues surrounding qualification can be very personal. California Estate Planning Lawyer Amy Gostanian truly understands that this is a difficult situation for your family. However, the more a family plans ahead, the more likely it is that an estate can be protected from Medi-Cal recovery upon death. Amy Gostanian is skilled in assisting clients through the overwhelming process of minimizing the potential for Medi-Cal recovery for costs paid during the ill person's lifetime. She works creatively and proactively to ensure that as many assets as possible remain with the family.

When a loved one is sick and is faced with the prospect of moving to a skilled nursing facility, it is important to remember that you have options. Through effective and proactive and protective planning, Amy Gostanian works to put your legal documents in order, and put you in touch with forensic examiners and other professionals who will then assist in obtaining and retaining eligibility for Medi-Cal and other government programs.

Reducing Share of Cost

When one qualifies for Medi-Cal, they are assessed a "share of cost" towards their medical care based on their monthly income. With careful planning, one's share of cost can potentially be reduced. Contact Amy Gostanian for a 30-minute consultation.

Special Needs Trusts First Person

When a disabled individual receiving Medi-Cal benefits gets a personal injury award or an inheritance from a loved one, it will render them ineligible for Medi-Cal until they spend down those funds. With careful planning and court assistance, a special needs trust can be created for the benefit of the disabled individual, while keeping the eligible for governmental needs-based benefits. Contact Amy Gostanian for a 30-minute consultation to explore if this is a possible solution.

Compassion, Competence, and Commitment

Whether planning for a sick parent or planning for the future of your or your spouse, it is important to work with a law office that remains current in California Medi-Cal Planning Law to ensure your interests are preserved.

Contact California Medi-Cal Planning Attorney Amy Gostanian to schedule a free 30 minute initial consultation to learn more about how the firm can help your family.